Slump cone base plate temping rod

It is used for the determination of the consistency of freshly mixed concrete, where the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38mm.

Specification : The apparatus consists of one slump cone with handles and foot pieces. The slump cone has internal dimension 20 cm dia at base 10 cm top dia and 30 cm height foot pieces can be fixed to the clamps on the base plate. The base plate has lifting handle for easy transportation . One graduated steel rod 16mm dia x 600mm long Rounded at both ends and graduated in mm is also supplied.

Reporting of Results
The slump measured should be recorded in mm of subsidence of the specimen during the test. Any slump specimen, which collapses or shears off laterally gives incorrect result and if this occurs, the test should be repeated with another sample. If, in the repeat test also, the specimen shears, the slump should be measured and the fact that the specimen sheared, should be recorded.

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