Oragon 680

If you’re looking for a powerful handheld GPS with most of the bells and whistles, the Garmin Montana 680 may be your next big buy. This device is a fast receiver with excellent reception. With many fancy features such as an 8 MP camera, several mounting options, and a 4 GB internal memory, this device is ready to go on your next big adventure. This receiver is the most powerful of all tested, giving it the best accuracy and reception. It also features a very large screen and easy-to-use interface, a characteristic of most Garmin units. The rechargeable NiMH battery pack (or use of 3 AA batteries) is perfect for the traveler who uses their GPS unit often.

Even though we loved how powerful this unit was, it was not as versatile as other units like the Garmin GPS MAP 64s. It was the largest and heaviest of all tested and proved to be a poor option for backpacking or lightweight adventures.

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