• COMPLEX CALCULATIONS IN LESS THAN 0.5 SECONDS: Point and click to get single measurements and also more complex calculations such as area, volume and Pythagorean indirect measurement. Add/Subtract and also store data (upto 99 measurements) as per your requirements
  • PROFESSIONAL LEVELS OF ACCURACY: The laser distance meter provides an accuracy of upto +/-1.5mm. A Vial bubble is present for increased levels of precision. Available in 40m, 60m and 100m measurement ranges
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY: Carefully designed rubberized body for comfortable handling, and a backlit screen for better visibility in dark areas. IP54 and CE certified. Item size is 118 x 54 x 26.5mm
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY CARD. The laser distance meter is portable and comes complete with Laser Meter, Carry Pouch, Sling, Instruction Manual, Batteries and Warranty card
  • Other NOTABLE PARAMETERS include self-calibration, staking-out function and delay measurement. Extra piece provided for dead corner measurement. Internal memory storage of up to 99 measurements
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